deflection wave

deflection wave
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  • wave — 1. A movement of particles in an elastic body, whether solid or fluid, whereby an advancing series of alternate elevations and depressions, or rarefactions and condensations, is produced. 2. The elevation of the pulse, felt by the finger, or… …   Medical dictionary

  • deflection — 1. A moving to one side. 2. In the electrocardiogram, a deviation of the curve from the isoelectric base line; any wave or complex of the electrocardiogram. [L. de flecto, pp. flexus, to bend aside] intrinsic …   Medical dictionary

  • Sawtooth wave — The sawtooth wave (or saw wave) is a kind of non sinusoidal waveform. It is named a sawtooth based on its resemblance to the teeth on the blade of a saw.The usual convention is that a sawtooth wave ramps upward as time goes by and then sharply… …   Wikipedia

  • Shock wave — Bombshock redirects here. For the Transformers character, see Micromasters#Bombshock. For other uses, see shockwave. Schlieren photograph of an attached shock on a sharp nosed supersonic body. A shock wave (also called shock front or simply shock …   Wikipedia

  • Intrinsicoid deflection — In the electrocardiogram, it is the downward deflection after the peak of the R wave. The time of the onset of the intrinsicoid deflection , also referred to as the R wave peak time , is measured from the beginning of the QRS complex to the peak… …   Wikipedia

  • R wave — är .wāv n the positive upward deflection in the QRS complex of an electrocardiogram that follows the Q wave * * * the initial upward deflection of the QRS complex, following the Q wave in the normal electrocardiogram and representing early… …   Medical dictionary

  • S wave — es . n the negative downward deflection in the QRS complex of an electrocardiogram that follows the R wave * * * a downward deflection of the QRS complex following the R wave in the normal electrocardiogram and representing late depolarization of …   Medical dictionary

  • P wave — pē .wāv n a deflection in an electrocardiographic tracing that represents atrial activity of the heart compare QRS COMPLEX, T WAVE * * * in the electrocardiogram, the initial deflection of the cardiac cycle, representing excitation of the atria.… …   Medical dictionary

  • T wave — tē .wāv n the deflection in an electrocardiogram that represents the electrical activity produced by ventricular repolarization compare P WAVE, QRS COMPLEX * * * the deflection of the normal electrocardiogram following the QRS complex; it… …   Medical dictionary

  • Q wave — kyü . n the short initial downward stroke of the QRS complex in an electrocardiogram formed during the beginning of ventricular depolarization * * * the downward deflection on an electrocardiogram that indicates the beginning of ventricular… …   Medical dictionary

  • intrinsicoid deflection — the sharp deflection occurring between the onset of the Q wave and the peak of the R wave in electrocardiography using indirect surface leads, such as unipolar precordial leads …   Medical dictionary

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